Make That Money Flow
With Chedda Dot Co

Expense tracking for smart people.

You wouldn't let a computer decide the name of your firstborn child, so why let your expense tracking software decide how to categorize your expenses? Chedda does very little for you (accept a little bit of math here and there). You decide exactly when and what and how to track.

No bank accounts. No credit cards.

Chedda is pretty dumb actually. It can't connect to your bank account. It can't interpret your credit card statements. It's kind of old-fashioned in a way. Sorta like writing it down on a piece of paper and then adding it up with a calculator except that you are writing it down on your (pocket) computer and then the computer adds it up for you immediately. Quick like lightning!

Super Duper Double Dragon Beta

Sounds pretty radical, huh? It's actually only sorta cool. It just means that this whole thing is still very much in development (barely crawling at this point) and we really can't make any promises about anything, accept that we promise 1) to never to sell your information. Ever. And 2) there will be ways to export your data. It's yours. Keep it.

It also means that you are getting in on the ground floor, waaaaay before it was cool. If we ever get around to creating some pay/pro features you'll get those for free FOREVER. We might even send out a limited edition sticker. We love stickers!

Go ahead. Sign up. Give it a shot!

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